Our Research Services

Affiliate Research Platform

A marketplace for independent investment research.

Research reports sold on a pay-per-note basis or by subscribing to an individual star analyst.

This means clients can ‘follow the talent’ and enjoy the freedom to ‘cherry-pick’ the selective reports they need.

Our pricing is transparent and includes direct contact with our star research analysts.

Bespoke Research Service

Offers exclusive due-diligence and market insight tailored to a clients’s exact requirements, ranging from fast-turnaround quick views to deep-dive reports. Invaluable for generating differentiated alpha.

Potential projects include IPO research, under-researched small & mid-cap companies, and forensic accounting or corporate governance reviews.

Our innovative pricing options can significantly reduce the cost of gaining this unique market analysis.

Introducing Hiddensee Research

Star Research Analysts

Our team of freelance analysts are a constellation of stars, who enjoy the intellectual freedom to write cogent research on a particular company, sector or theme.

They include several No.1 Extel rated analysts.

Publishing Independent Research

We are a research-only house and do not suffer any of the normal conflicts of interest that question the integrity of most investment research.

We do not offer corporate advisory work, any execution services or write corporately sponsored research.

Sold On An Individual Basis

Our research can be purchased on either a pay-per-note basis or as taking a subscription with an individual research analyst.

We provide a cost-effective alternative securing access to some of the leading research analysts.