Join Us

We are currently seeking to engage a number of independent research analysts and industry experts on a freelance basis to expand our Affiliate Research Platform and Bespoke Research Service. Although opportunities exist across all asset classes, geographies and sectors, we are keen to recruit specialists in areas that are often ignored or not well covered by traditional publishers of investment research.

Our simple turn key solution offers talented professionals the path to work for themselves and publish independent investment research.

Our Turn Key Solution


Assistance with your initial start-up, such as company formation, insurance and branding.


Powerful software platform with tools that make your independent research more effective and productive.


Start working without delay while your compliance oversight, systems and controls are outsourced.


Connecting you to: institutional investors, private wealth investment managers and hedge funds.


Start working without delay while your compliance oversight, systems and controls are outsourced.

The Opportunity


Establish yourself quickly as an independent investment analyst, using our proven technology and infrastructure.

Our turn key solution means less time spent on administration and more on research and marketing.

Improve your work / life balance or develop a plural career.


Reduce your operating costs by benefiting from our economies of scale.

Keep the vast majority of the revenue that your proprietary research generates.

Increase your sales by cross-selling to other customers on our platform and selling to overseas investors.


You control the format, content, price and frequency of your research output.

Enjoy the intellectual freedom to write unconflicted research reports, including more ‘sell’ notes.

Work from home with remote access to our publishing and distribution systems.


Tap into an eco-system of like-minded independent thinkers.

Maintain and grow your personal brand, whilst benefitting from a larger umbrella organisation.

Publish research, maintain relationships and demonstrate value during periods of temporary underemployment.

To find out more about joining us, please contact James Ridgewell, Co-founder & Head of Research
020 7873 2328